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I've been watching Lain, and I just had the most peculiar thought:

The body is a giant sigil, which launches your consciousness into the universe at the point of death.

I'm liking this.
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Over the course of the nights from Wednesday or Thursday through this morning, I was working on rebooting [ profile] pittsburghcutie's and my brains. [ profile] evilkitchenware, [ profile] jshuah, and Brian were present for parts of the process, as well. (Love you guys!) To this end, the following films were screened:

I Heart Huckabees
Mulholland Drive
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
What The Bleep Do We Know?
Shock Treatment

I'd seen all of these before, but she hadn't. But even so, I saw new things in both myself and several of the films. In Mulholland Drive, I now believe Rita survived because she was probably a powerful mage in her own right, amnesia or not - she and Betty both got what they deserved for being bitches, but Betty got fucked hardcore by the agents of the House of Renunciation, more or less. And in Shock Treatment, not only is the whole movie a metaphor for life, at the end Dentonvale is truly a prison of the Dentonites' own making, in their mind only, since they could easily push down the walls of the set if they only wanted to. The experience has been part Forum refresher, part hallucination, and part simple paradigm shift, all in an enormously beneficial way.

The quantum field has thus been infected. Transformation ripples abound. Perhaps you've felt a few of them yourself. Perhaps you soon will. I think I gained a few levels in entropo-video-infomancy this weekend. It remains to be seen what exactly [ profile] pittsburghcutie's lasting effects will be.

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