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But wisdom, where shall it be found? And where is the place of understanding?

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My interests are fairly typical geek, with some hippie thrown in. They include comic books, role-playing games (tabletop and LARP), video games (especially retro consoles like SNES), tinkering with computers and Linux, good science fiction and fantasy of all types, movies (particularly mind-fuck cinema like Lynch or Bergman), camping, burn festivals (think Burning Man, though I've not been to that one yet), skiing, cats (I have two, and am watching a third for a friend), and religion / mythology / the occult. Psychology also interests me quite a bit... I'm thinking of going into some kind of mental health profession eventually. For now, though, I'm a freelance computer support guy.

Although I'm not pagan myself, I tend to get along really well with pagans. The same is true with people who are in the SCA, into BDSM, poly, or furries... I have friends who are all of the above, despite being pretty vanilla myself. I tend to like things a certain way, but don't really identify as either dominant or submissive... it varies, as I think it does in most people.

I'm as likely to spend an hour having a philosophical, political or religious discussion with you as I am to spend that hour playing the Simpsons arcade game with you, or smoking a hookah with you... or all of the above at once, if you have the stamina. During that time, you'd probably be crawled upon and nuzzled by at least one or two of my cats, Mufasa and Nemo. I am a hardcore liberal in most ways, although I do believe pretty strongly in traditional marriage (in other words, if you're planning on having a kid together, that means you should get married). While I'm pro-choice, I think it's pretty gross to be using abortion as a regular form of birth control... it should really not be taken lightly. When it comes to issues like these, I always enjoy debating with someone who disagrees, as long as you're someone who understands that a person can disagree with you and still be worthy of respect.

The Pillar of Smoke has been one of my main projects for a while now. Have a look at it if you like, particularly if you want to know more about one of my main interests.


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Everything in my journal, with the exception of links to sites not owned by me, is my intellectual property and copyrighted by me unless otherwise stated or implied (for example, White Wolf and Camarilla terms and names). Please feel free to read it, link to it, quote any public entry (always including a link), and/or print any of it for personal use; however, reproducing, modifying or distributing it in any other way without my permission is strictly prohibited under my Creative Commons license. Anything I say here is my own opinion, subject to normal human frailties and errors of judgment, and if you're offended by it, that has to do with how you read my words rather than what I meant them to say, and would suggest rereading several times, because I am a blunt person - I generally say exactly what I mean unless I'm deliberately trying to be tactful. If you choose to use any information I post here to sow drama with other people, you will be held responsible for the act, whether or not it was intentional. When in doubt, please err on the side of caution.

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acting, alan moore, almost famous, alternative, american beauty, anime, beatles, bi, bisexual, buddhism, card games, cats, changeling: the dreaming, chaos, chaos magic, chaos magick, chaos theory, christopher moore, civil rights, cloud atlas, comic books, comics, computers, cowboy bebop, crystal method, cty, cult films, dar williams, david ives, david lynch, debate, discordianism, discworld, dogs, douglas adams, drama, dreamfall, dvds, egyptian, entheogens, fantasy, firefox, fnord, foss, fushigi yuugi, gabriel knight, gay, gay men, goth, guggenheim grotto, hallucinogens, hitchhiker's guide, house of leaves, improv, israel regardie, jewitchery, jhonen vasquez, johnny the homicidal maniac, kabbalah, kevin smith, king's quest, kula shaker, larp, larping, latin, lesbians, liberalism, linux, mage: the ascension, magic, malcolm gladwell, margaret weis, men, monkey island, monty python, movies, moxy fruvous, mp3s, mulholland drive, music, mythology, neil gaiman, neon genesis evangelion, neuroscience, neverending story, octavia butler, orson scott card, paganism, people, peter carroll, phenomenology, phil hine, philosophy, pink floyd, pittsburgh, pot, principia discordia, psychology, ragtime, randomness, reading, regional burn events, religion, religious studies, remixes, rent, rock, rocky horror picture show, roleplaying, roma, romani, romany, run lola run, sacred texts, safer sex, salvia divinorum, sandman, santeria, sarah maclachlan, science fiction, sex, shakespeare, shamanism, shock treatment, skiinv, sluggy freelance, small furry creatures, snow skiing, soundtracks, splashdown, summer, supernatural, synchronicity, tarot, techno, the frantics, the happy mutant handbook, the longest journey, the shamen, theology, they might be giants, time theory, tracy hickman, ubuntu, unknown armies, urbomancy, v for vendetta, vampire: the masquerade, velvet goldmine, watchmen, white wolf games, wicca, women, wraith: the oblivion, writing, xena: warrior princess, yoruba, z(cluster)
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