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So... my roommate just moved out. With about 5 hours' notice. I'll let the text messages speak for themselves. We were talking about other things, so I'm starting at the relevant part. (Note the cleverly-worded curse at the end. I'm particularly proud of it.)


Me: Glad to hear you like living with me. I have to admit I'm a little attracted to you, but I'm getting over it.

Me: I hope knowing isn't weird for you... but it would help me to know if it was obvious before I told you.

Him: No it wasn't obvious at all.

Me: Good to know, thanks

Last night

Me: I'm home. Seems like you're sleeping. Please leave me rent in the morning before you leave (or have it for me after work)


Me: ?

Him: Hey dude im moving out this sunday. After the text messages friday i think u can figure out why.

Me: I would have appreciated more notice, but I do understand. I'm sorry I made you uncomfortable.

Me: Would you consider staying out the month so I have time to find a new roommate?

Him: No man i cant its too weird. Im sorry never meant to leave like this just cant stay

Me: It's fine. I really didn't mean to do this to you. But I also can't pay rent until you pay me. Work has been very slow for me the last few weeks.

Me: No, bad idea [about you staying till the end of the month]. I do still need rent from you, though. Otherwise you need to be out immediately.

Him: K i'll comme get my stuff after work. i wont be able to pick up my bed and coffee table till sunday. U can keep the love seat

Me: I'm out of town again this weekend, so just leave your key I guess. If you want to stay through Sunday, I guess $100 would be okay since that's 1/3 of a month.

Me: If you would rather leave tonight, please put your bed in the basement or front hall. I will need to try to find someone before Thursday and it would be easier without your bed in the room.

Me: The computer is still yours btw

Me: Please let me know either way what you decide to do

Him: Im leaving tonight

Me: Ok. You're a good guy and I wish you the best.

Him: Thanks u r too man again sorry about how this went down. I will put all the shit im picking up sunday in the front [room]. I will let u know where i leave the key sunday

Me: Ok, thanks

Today, later

Me: After some consideration, I really don't think this is fair to me. At all. You agreed in writing to give me 30 days' notice before moving out. Legally you're liable for this month's rent no matter what your plans are, and while I have no intention to sue you to get it, the decent thing to do is to keep your agreement rather than leaving me unable to pay it. I may well have to cancel weekend plans I've had for 6 months because of the way you sprung this on me. I'm not saying telling you how I felt wasn't a mistake... but you have a legally binding contract with me and you're ignoring that fact. That's not what a responsible adult does.

Me: I want your key back tomorrow. You don't get to keep it if you're not paying rent. You can come back to get the rest of your things at a time when I'm home and it's convenient for me. Leave your key in the mailbox tomorrow or I will change the locks.

Him: K change the locks I guess

Me: You're going to make me do that instead of just returning the key? What's the point?

Him: Because ur being childish U kno im straight and I dont care ur gay but why would u say that. none of this would be happening if u would have just kept it to urself.

Me: I'm being childish? Someone telling you they think you're attractive is a compliment, whether you're interested or not. I didn't hit on you and I never would, because I know you're straight. I was honest with you because I thought we were friends.

Me: Do I freak out like this when a woman hits on me? Hell no. This is your insecurity and you need to own it.

Him: K watever dude. Call it wat you want i dont care.

Me: No point in fighting over it now. I will put the rest of your stuff out front for you to pick up Tuesday or Wednesday night. I'll text you when I know which one.

Him: If ur not going to let me come down sunday to get it just forget it. The bed and end table r shit. The most valuable thing is my vacuum and it cost $50.

Me: I'll be in Delaware, otherwise I would.

Him: Well i have the key if u dont change the locks.

Me: But I can't trust you now. You signed an agreement and ignored it. I don't want someone who thinks that's trustworthy behavior in my house when I'm not there. Sorry.

Him: Haha whatever dude. Keep the shit. Ill keep the key.

Me: I feel really sorry for you if you don't understand what I mean. May life one day teach you what trust really means. And mark my words - it will be through suffering you bring on yourself.

Him: Thanks for the life lesson. It really means something coming from a broke person living in a shit hole.

[Note: I actually laughed out loud when I read this last one, and then said, "You really don't get it."]

Me: The opinion of a man with no honor means less than nothing to me. Grow up.

Him: K

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