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Wow. I really need to be careful about letting this journal lie fallow. I know LJ is "dead" for most people, but I refuse to give up on it entirely.

I got an email from a client today who I hadn't seen in years, and who didn't seem to realize we had met before. There were some things I needed to say to him. Very honest things, possibly unprofessional things, but things I needed to say nonetheless. Here is the letter. If anyone has critiques, I'd welcome them.

Just for the sake of clarity, the message I was replying to said he had contacted me recently and hadn't received a reply. I received no such message, by email or by phone, so I sent him back this email.

Mr. [Name Redacted],

This is the first message I have received from you. I feel I should let you know that it's customary for an email subject to be no more than four or five words in length, rather than an entire paragraph. Was your original message an email or a voicemail?

I remember working for you several years ago. I also remember informing you that I did not have the right knowledge or experience to work on your computers, but you insisted I work on them anyway, and then later refused to pay my full rate. I also remember you making hateful, prejudiced remarks about your non-Jewish employees, and most memorable of all, convincing me to lay tefillin against my will. I am hard-pressed to think of a more awkward or traumatic work experience in my life.

I would be glad to discuss your current needs, but only if I have your word that you will treat me with far more professionalism and respect this time around.


Jason Feldstein
The Computer Wizard
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