Sep. 15th, 2011

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Today I received the following voicemail message from a client who's probably in my top 3 least favorite clients ever. It went as follows:

"Jason, [name] here. I haven't been using the computer - I never have, since you came in here, when you were having lunch here in my office that one time. So I wanted to get on to check my email, I can't get on, it says my password is - 'login failed because your user password is not entered correctly' - and I thought it was the same password that I had. I can't get on the Internet either, I don't know why. I guess you have to be able to log in correctly. So I need your advice here. I don't know what my password is, except for what it used to be. So give me a call. I need to get this done, cause I know you were paid for this already. All right, thank you, [phone number]."

This probably seems fairly innocuous, except perhaps the part at the end about being paid. But it bears pointing out that the time he talks about, when I was eating lunch in his office while working, he demanded that I leave immediately because I had dared to do so. I was pretty furious at the time, and thinking about it still leaves me upset. I spoke to a former employee of his who's also a client of mine - the lady who originally referred him to me - and she said I should write him a letter. So I did. And also got an email reply from him, and wrote one final reply back.

So here it all is. )

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