May. 4th, 2011

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This is the first piece of fiction I've written in I'm not sure how long. I'm going to be posting it here as I add to it. Comments are definitely welcome, but please bear in mind that this is a first draft. The title is yet to be determined, so for now I'm just going to name it after the characters. Like the rest of my journal, you can feel free to share this piece as long as you credit me as the author (including a link). My thanks to Rachel King, for coming up with the writing prompt that became the first line of this piece.

Sven threw up his hands in exasperation after searching the apartment for the fourth time that morning; where had Camilla hidden the can of peaches? He knew Izzy would be upset if she didn’t get her peach fix pretty soon. Rummaging through the cabinets above the fridge and stove had netted him nothing, and he was starting to run out of places to look.

From the leather armchair in the far corner of the kitchen, Ezmeralda (“Izzy”) the iguana eyed Sven with her familiar expression of suspicion. While she was clearly annoyed, Sven wouldn’t quite call her look a “death stare” yet, but her narrowed eyes did at least seem to say, “If you don’t get me my peaches soon, I’d be glad to bite off your finger instead.”  For a second, he considered rubbing her head to see if it might calm her down, but quickly decided that might be a bad idea

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